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Bardia National Park Jungle Safari

Situated in the mid far western Terai, in a remote part of Nepal, bordered by the Karnali River, the National Park covers 968 sq. km. It is 585 km from Kathmandu. The park is the largest and most undisturbed expanse of wilderness in southern Nepal. Although the largest park it is least explored by foreign tourists. 

About 70% of the park is covered with Sal jungle, the remaining 30% is a mixture of grassland, savannah and riverine forest. The park contains eight types of ecosystem. The park headquarters are situated at Thakurdwara (also the location of Forest Hideaway) and is surrounded by idyllic villages and fields inhabited by an indigenous ethnic group, the ‘Tharu’. 

Originally a hunting reserve, Bardia became a conservation area in 1976 and then attained National Park status in 1988. Presently a plan is being considered to further expand the park both north and eastwards. Conservation is a strong theme within Bardia; the park as well providing a home habitat for many species also provides an ideal environment for the study of wildlife. The WWF and the King Mahendra Trust for Nature Conservation are active in the park monitoring wildlife and breeding habitats. They have also implemented an educational scheme for local people identifying the meaning of, and need for conservation. 

More than thirty different mammals, over two hundred species of bird and many snakes, lizards and fish have been recorded within the park. Both resident and migratory birds can be found within the park boundaries. As well as the numerous more common animals and birds the Bardia National Park is home to 19 of Nepal’s 39 legally protected species. These include the One-horned Rhinoceros, wild Asian Elephant, Bengali Tiger, Swamp Deer, Black Buck Antelope, Gangetic Dolphin and Gharial Crocodile. Endangered birds include the Bengal Florican, the Silver-eared Mesia and the Sarus Crane. In fact the WWF indicated the Bardia National Park as playing a major role in the survival of the world tiger population. As a result, it is not surprising to find that Bardia provides the best opportunity to view the Bengal Tiger in Nepal.

Activities in Bardia
Forest Hideaway offers walking, jeep and elephant back safaris as well as rafting trips on the Karnali River. We also have a full range of cultural tours to be enjoyed. Forest Hideaway provides the visitor with access to a selection of programmes and tours geared at you enjoying all aspects of the surrounding natural wonderland. 

Elephant Back Safari : 
Bardia National Park is serviced by well looked after domestic elephants. These fearless, majestic animals provide the safest and most convenient method of transport within the park. Due to their nature you canmove around within the tall grasslands anddense jungle and still demand an impressive view. Hence, Elephant back safaris are ideal for viewing the extensive flora and fauna the park has to offer.

Jungle Walks : 
Jungle walks are for the more ‘hands on’ naturalist. These walks allow the explorer to move with minimal disturbance from one ecosystem to the next. This makes the jungle walk the best for seeing wildlife and brings you very close to nature at its best. Additionally your guide can give you in-depth information on the habitats you pass through, details of the plant life you encounter and general tracking tips.

Jeep Safaris : 

Jeep safari is the fastest way to see the park, allowing for journeys deep into the jungle. You visit some of the best viewing towers and areas within the park boundaries. We will take you off-road in a four-wheel drive vehicle for an unforgettable safari experience. 

Karnali Rafting Trips : 
An early morning 30 km drive by jeep will drop you by the Karnali River. This is followed by a serene all day raft down the gentle Karnali. The rafting journey allows you to spot much wildlife, especially the endangered freshwater Gangetic Dolphin, the Gharial Crocodile, exotic birds and big game on the nearby river banks. Swimming is also possible and sometimes even the dolphins may join you! Some stretches of white water can be included for the more adventurous. 

Fishing Tour :
Himalayan white river is probably the best habitat of great fish mahseer. The Karnali river is one of the longest Himalayan river of Mid-west Nepal which is famous for fishing game. Forest Hideaway has been running fishing trips for those who are inserted in fishing since its establishment. We have experienced gillie with good fishing equipments Best time for fishing: October-April.

Bird Watching Excursions : 

These specialist tours are aimed at exploring the community forest, river habitats and open water areas. These areas are inhabited by many varieties of birds. Bird watching is most often performed on foot for the least disturbance, but a jeep safari is sometimes preferable. Our specially trained guides can help identify the different variety of birds encountered, be they resident or migratory. 

Tharu Village Visit : 
This tour provides a window into local Tharu life. These friendly, yet non-intrusive visits are all conducted in the local community. The Tharu have a distinctive building style, characterized by the use of straw, wood and clay to construct traditional housing. These peaceful villages are truly a beautiful and relaxing sight to behold, which we recommend to everyone who visits the Bardia area.

Cultural Programme : 
The cultural programme is essentially a dance and festival session performed by local Tharu dance troupes and is a highlight of any visit to Forest Hideaway. The performance of colourful dance exposes you to traditional costumes, practice and music providing a captivating spectacle for one and all.

Bicycle Hire : 
At Forest Hideaway we offer you mountain bikes to venture out into the local community, either alone or accompanied by a guide. You can discover the beauty of Bardia and the culture of the Tharu.

Specialist tours can be arranged for you upon arrival. Specialist tours are aimed at particular habitats or types of wildlife. For example, a popular choice is a Black Buck Antelope Tour or a prolonged three-day deep jungle trek. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further details or information on our available activities.

Tour Packages
Bardia Adventure (3 Nights / 4 Days) 
Tiger Tops Wildlife Nepal (4 Nights / 5 Days) 
Bardia Jungle Tour (5 Nights / 6 Days) 
Nepal National Park Wildlife Safari (5 Night/6 Days) 
Bardia Bird Watching Tour (5 Nights / 6 Days) 
Western Nepal Cultural Tour ( 6 Nights / 7 Days ) 
Bardia National Park Safari (6 Nights / 7 Days) 
Birds of Nepal Terai Tour (8 Nights / 9 Days) 
Karnali Camp Rafting with Bardia Relax Safari (9 Nights / 10 Days)

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